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Steyr Automotive remains a reliable partner:

25. Juli 2022

On the occasion of the Ennstal Classic defile through the plant of Steyr Automotive on Friday, July 22, 2022, a check for a donation of for a donation of 3,000 euros from Steyr Automotive to Vita Mobile Steyr presented.


“History and modernity, empathy and respect for the old with openness and focus on the new – this is what connects us and with with this symbolism, the jewels of the Ennstal Classic at our plant at our plant form a beautiful bridge to our cooperation with Vita Mobile,” says Dr. Birgit Pfefferl, Head of Corporate Communications at Communications at Steyr Automotive. “With 3,000 euros we are again sponsoring the long-standing joint project “Time for You you” and thus the social contact and dialogue between the generations!”


For further details please refer to the attachment.


Photo Hannes Draxler, reprint free of charge

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