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VOLTA ZERO drives up!

9. März 2022

The numerous employees of Steyr Automotive who took the opportunity last week to take a close look at a demonstration vehicle from the future contract production for Volta Trucks were very enthusiastic.


The unanimous opinion about the “VOLTA ZERO” was: “A really cool truck!” The new development of the Swedish start-up is 100 percent electrically powered and is thus the emission-free solution for urban areas. Numerous newly conceived elements, such as the low-floor entrance and sliding doors on both sides of the driver’s cab, the spacious glass front, the central driver’s position as well as various cameras, sensors and driver assistance systems, ensure the best possible comfort, overview and safety in this 16- (or 18-) tonne truck.


“When I inspected the truck, I was particularly struck by the optimal position of the driver with a perfect view of the road. I am also a private owner of an electric car and convinced that this form of drive is not only ecological, but also has economic advantages over conventional forms of drive – for example in terms of, maintenance, fuel costs, taxes or wear. I am very much looking forward to an exciting future with VOLTA Trucks!” is the assessment of Thomas Santin, employee of the Quality Assurance Components department at Steyr Automotive.


Pre-series production at Steyr Automotive will start in June, with ramp-up of series production planned for the end of 2022.


The truck’s loading capacity will be optimally utilised with a loading width of two pallets with a total of 16 euro pallets and is designed for a maximum payload of 8.6 tonnes. The superstructures, such as cargo and cooling boxes, are also to be carried out by Steyr Automotive. An expansion of the product range to include models with 7.5 or 12 t is planned from 2024.


Paul Hochwallner is currently completing his apprenticeship at Steyr Automotive as a motor vehicle technician with the additional module system electronics in the 2nd year of his apprenticeship: “I am totally impressed by the modern technology and equipment of these vehicles. I am really looking forward to working on this product!”


The implementation of the industrialisation of the innovative VOLTA Truck is ambitious, the preparations at Steyr Automotive are running at full speed.


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