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Continued contract manufacturing in Steyr for MAN

1. Dezember 2022

Steyr Automotive’s partnership with MAN Truck & Bus strengthened


Further contract manufacturing in Steyr for MAN
The extension of the phase-out originally scheduled for the end of May for the equipping of cabs and the assembly of trucks was fixed these days between MAN Truck & Bus and Steyr Automotive. Steyr Automotive will continue contract manufacturing until the end of September 2023.



Long-term partnership

At the time of the change of ownership of the Steyr plant, there was already a clear basis for the future direction that there would be continued and sustained cooperation with the previous owner MAN.
Thus, it was always agreed that the MAN production network would be supplied with painted truck add-on parts from Steyr Automotive’s plastic parts paint shop until 2027 at any rate.



Win-win situation
The current extension of contract manufacturing in the assembly area is a win-win for both cooperation partners.


“As MAN, we are seizing the opportunity, as far as the parts supply situation allows, to make up for past corona and supply-related unit losses and to maximize vehicle deliveries to our customers by using the production capacities in Steyr,” says Dietmar Klein, Head of Contract Manufacturing MAN Truck & Bus SE.


Johann Ecker, Spokesman for the Management Board of Steyr Automotive: “For us, the further consolidation of the partnership with MAN is particularly gratifying and important, as it allows us to continue our proven cooperation with MAN. In addition, this helps us to secure capacity utilization at the plant.”


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